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25.10.2018 · If you're intrigued by the new Palm mini smartphone, then you don't have to wait much longer to pick it up. The Verizon-exclusive phone will be available from the mobile carrier starting on. The Palm name is back. There's a new Palm phone, but it's not quite what you'd expect from a new smartphone nowadays. Rather than being a full-on smartphone, the new Palm phone is a companion.

Long thought dead, smartphone pioneer Palm has been reborn with the launch of a new mobile device also called Palm that's kind of a cross between a phone and a smartwatch. The new Palm by Palm. Palm is a credit card-sized phone designed to help you escape the burden of your big phone and put life first. It gives you a realistic tool to stay connected, but not be consumed by technology. Remember Palm? Well, after a handful of leaks, the brand is back, this time with a tiny little Android phone that’s launching later this year. Here’s what you need to know about the new Palm. The Palm Phone is a companion device for your smartphone and it cannot be used on its own. It comes with a 3.3-inch 720p, 1.4 GHz Snapdragon 435 octa-core chip, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage and a rather tiny 800 mAh battery pack. Palm: Drop your 'phone companion' price before Amazon squashes you like the insect you are. $350 for a carrier-locked device is too much money for a smartwatch that, well, isn't one and has very.

The Verizon-exclusive Palm Phone: Ultra mobile and compact. A 3.3-inch screen, 12 MP rear-facing camera, Android OS and Google Assistant. Get it today. The $199 Palm mini-phone is ready to stand on its own. Originally introduced as a secondary device, the 3.3-inch Palm can now be used as a standalone phone. Palm is a miniature handset that has been launched to act as a companion for your primary Android or iOS smartphone. With a small 3.3-inch display in the times of mainstream flagship models like. The Palm brand is back, and this time, it's on a 'companion phone' that you might use on weekends. Sadly, it's not the return to greatness I was hoping for.

The Palm brand is back. A new, 3.3-inch Palm companion phone is coming to Verizon in the United States in November. Palm’s new Companion phone is supposed to go along with your main smartphone. Palm has made its way back into the phone space today by way of a companion-like phone that runs Android and will be sold by Verizon. I said “companion” because this isn’t supposed to be.

The new Palm isn't a phone but a companion mobile device that looks like a baby iPhone. It's designed to act as a lightweight substitute when you're at the gym, at a club or spending time with. The Palm Phone has a 3.3-inch LCD at 1280x720. This is a diminutive display by today's standards, but 3.2-inches was a common size for the first wave of Android phones a decade ago. Palm has released a new mini-phone that is designed to give you a break from your primary phone. It uses Verizon's NumberShare technology to let you receive calls and texts and costs a steep $350.

Palm wants you to use the handset as a companion device to your smartphone so you can disconnect from your everyday life. But as the Palm Phone is a fully-functional handset with access to the. Palm is available as a connected device or as a primary phone: Palm Phone - This is a phone that you can use just like any other smartphone, but it's a smaller size about the size of a credit card and includes Life Mode. Palm - This is a companion device that syncs with your primary smartphone. You can leave your phone behind as you work out. Palm, Inc. was an American company that specialized in manufacturing personal digital assistants PDAs and various other electronics. They were the designer of the PalmPilot, the first PDA successfully marketed worldwide, as well as the Treo 600, one of the first smartphones. Remember that tiny little 3.3-inch “companion” Android phone from Palm last year? Today, the company has announced that the Palm Phone is going to. Here's what I can say. The Palm is a teeny-tiny, 3.3-inch Android device that works with the Verizon phone you already have to make calls, read texts and generally check in on life.

palm phone Companion verizon. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Phone is in good working condition. Screen in good shape. Back has small hairline crack. Zurück zur Startseite Zurück zum Seitenanfang. Noch mehr entdecken: Bose Companion Lautsprecher & Subwoofer für Heim-Audio - & HiFi-Geräte, Palme Zimmerpflanzen, Aufblasbare Palme, Palm PDAs, Fritz Phone, Palmen. It's tempting to compare and contrast a companion phone like the Palm to an LTE-enabled smartwatch. You'd certainly pay more for the watch — the Apple Watch Series 4 starts at $499 if you want.

Palm Companion Phone, phone. Buy it cheap on Swappa. Imagine getting excited about any other 3.3-inch device that packs an entry-level Snapdragon chip and is supposed to act as a “smartphone companion.” That’s right, the new Palm phone shares.

Palm's tiny smartphone sounds great in theory, but this effort is too costly for the limited benefits. Palm, a name still remembered fondly by many mobile tech enthusiasts, is back. But there's a twist. 2018's Palm branded device is a tiny Android phone that aims to save you from smartphone.

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